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Group members on an excursion to Chatargaon -a probable tourist destination

Rongmon Tourism Society is an organisation for all types of tourism such as RURAL TOURISM, RELIGIOUS TOURISM, HERITAGE TOURISM, ENVIRO-EDUCATIONAL TOURISM, ADVENTURE TOURISM, WILDLIFE TOURISM etc. by giving ECO TOURISM advantages to the tourist and our aim is to help and support the indigenous people near the tourist spot by creating villager’s eco camp. Eco-camp is platform to participate the village peoples toward development of tourism. Eco camp create financial benefit to the villagers as well as create a platform for the visitors where they can experience the really village tourism. Through the eco-tourism villagers can get alternative livelihood and people can participate conservation of natural tourist spot means conservation of nature. We are exploring some of unexplored places which are best for eco-tourism or village tourism and help to create employment and development in the areas, which directly benefits the local community.

Our concept is to provide real eco-tourism to facilities the tourists enjoy the unique culture of village lifestyle though participation in events, or experiencing the local food, by buying local products, and in the process help the welfare of the local people and benefit the local community while preserving rural assets, values, cultures and heritage. Through our society tourist get a opportunity to help the development of village areas. 
Our aims are:
- To conserve nature, culture, heritage and traditions of the local community.
- To create tourism related employment empowering local community and gaining economic

  benefits through tourism.
- To help the local community at the agricultural sector.
- To create market for the local products.
- To create positive environment benefits for rural people and their surroundings,
- To create a platform for the visitors can experience the real village tourism,
- To ensure that the tourist can enjoy the local cuisines, culture, heritage and nature.

Group members of Rongmon Tourism Society
President of Rongmon Tourism Society
Guwahati office of Rongmon Tourism Society

About Rongmon Tourism Society

Assam is a charming land with heart warming people.  It is one of the Seven Sister states in the North East of India. It is encircled by the remaining Sister states Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh and another state West Bengal. Moreover, the countries Bangladesh and Bhutan share the international borders with this state.

Assam is a wonderland of enchanting beauty and excitement, a Green Paradise. It contains so much beauty and depth that a nature lover is held spellbound.

Rongmon Tourism Society is committed to showcase this charm and wonder to the people of the world. This activity has the potential to generate tremendous tourist movement and business potential. Assam also has the advantage of being the gateway of the

North-East India.

Amazing Assam

Amazing Assam

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