Amazing Assam

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Chatargaon is situated in Garbhanga Reserved forest in the district of Kamrup, west of Guwahati. It is suitable for adventure tourism which is only 14 km from LGBI Airport, Guwahati. It is inhabited by Rabha communities. This place is nearby Deepor Beel. The beauty of Chatargaon is its natural view which is surrounded by hills from all sides. It has attractive big streams with sparkling flowing blue water and waterfalls. The villagers are mainly cultivators and produces crops like paddy, orange, pineapple etc.

Villagers participating in a tribal festival

People from Chatargaon village participating in a tribal festival.

Chatargaon Village

Category: Village Tourism, Culture, Nature

Members of Rongmon Tourism Society on an excursion to Chatargaon.

Villagers participating in a tribal festival

Amazing Assam

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Visitors can come and experience the tradition and culture of the village people. Their extreme hospitality and the calm and natural atmosphere will attract you very much.

There is also a waterfall in the village which is very scenic. 

Assam is a charming land with heart warming people.  It is one of the Seven Sister states in the North East of India. It is encircled by the remaining Sister states Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh and another state West Bengal. Moreover, the countries Bangladesh and Bhutan share the international borders with this state.

Assam is a wonderland of enchanting beauty and excitement, a Green Paradise. It contains so much beauty and depth that a nature lover is held spellbound.

Rongmon Tourism Society is committed to showcase this charm and wonder to the people of the world. This activity has the potential to generate tremendous tourist movement and business potential. Assam also has the advantage of being the gateway of the

North-East India.