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​Assam is synonymous with breathtaking natural beauty, teeming wildlife, immaculate tea gardens and warm, beautiful people. It’s strategic location in the northeast of India, and it’s accessibility from the rest of the country makes it the gateway to the northeastern states.


Over the centuries, people of various ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds have been attracted to the fertile valleys of Assam making it a mosiac of various cultures. It is no wonder then that Assam is said to be like a miniature version of the whole country itself.

The perfect fusion of heritage of her numerous races has made Assam the home of the most colorful festivals which are passionate, compelling and mesmerizing reflecting the true spirit, tradition and lifestlye of the people of Assam.

​he tribals of Assam have their own colourful festivals like the Kherai Puja of the Bodos, the Baikhu and Pharkantis of the Rabhas, Ali-ai-ligang and Parag of the Mishing tribe, the Sagra-misawa wansawa and laghun of the Tiwas

Assam, is a state of enviable natural beauty not only in terms of her mystic charm but also in the qualities of its wildlife. The mystic nature and the precious natural wealth have combined together to make this land as one of the most cherished tourist destination in the country. That goes for its wild habitats and her warm, hospitable people make the discerning travelers spellbound.

         The national parks and wildlife reserves are the safe haven for a wide range of rare and endangered animals, birds and rich floral diversity. Here the wild side is as mysterious and magnificent as the natural beauty of the state


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